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Welcome to my world, visitor.

No, there is no need for you to speak. I know why you are here. You wish to learn some of the secrets of the Cosmic Lemniscate. In that, my dragon friend (who's name is unpronounceable to one who is not versed in drackonish) and I can help you.

In this, my world, I can show you visions of that which you seek. I will conjure a scrying sphere and dragon and I will take you upon a journey into the past. We will visit the Cosmic Lemniscate store as it was before the world ended and this new one began. Oh, you did not know that happened? Fine, just consider it a trip into the past. A time when the Cosmic Lemniscate was a single physical location. If at any time during our journey you become scared and wish to return to the "normal" world, just touch my brother dragon and he will bear you back in time and space to just before you entered my realm. If you become lost and wish to return here, just tap my shoulder and I will return you to where and when you are now. It will be as if were are meeting again for the first time.

Since you have not the training of mages on how to move through time and the myriad of planes (for if you did you wouldn't be in need of my assistance) I will conjure several swords during our journey. They will help you to travel through the plane of mists we will be in. Touch the sword that faces the direction you wish to move and it will take you there.

Now, it is time for you to make a decision. Face the challenge of the unknown or leave.

If you have the curiosity and strength to continue, touch the sword that points up. If you have become afraid and wish to leave, touch the sword that points down.

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Still here? Not interested in the past? You mean you actully wish to purchase something NOW? How odd. Well, If you must, you can contact the owners at 844-622-8581 (844-occult1) or email them at Info@844occult1.com