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image of entrance to the store

As you can see by the window, they openly advertize some of the items they sell. Tarot Cards, Bumper Stickers, Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Herbs/Oils. That's all? That's not a quarter of what they have in stock! Well, then again, in order to advertise all that they have inside on a window, it would have to be a very large window. Or have a lot of very obvious magic cast on it. Remember, if you wish to digress from your journey and see what they sell, just touch dragon.

They have been seen gathering on this porch in times past. It appears to be the only allowed smoking area since smoking is not allowed in the "store" itself. They also do not allow alcohol nor firearms on the grounds at all and have several spells to inforce those rules including a summoning spell to the local authorities.

Since the sign on the door says "open", let's enter but remember be quiet so that they don't detect our presence.

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