In The Beginning...

In The Beginning, 
A New Interpretation Of The Bible

By Steve Stone

Over the past 5000 years there have been many versions of the Bible.  Most were researched and reinterpreted for the time it was written.  Some have been mere copies of other versions slightly changed to keep from violating copyright.

In truth all of these Bibles are accurate.  They are also just as wrong.  There is at this time absolutely no 100% accurate translation or even understanding of the Bible.  It was written with symbolism and phraseology that is no longer understood, in a language that was lost 2500 years ago.  

Many people work for years to understand the symbolism.  

In reality there is no way to fully understand the language in which the original Bible is written. 

From Kabballic and Talmudic text, The following is a brief explanation of the beginning and events leading up to the creation:

In the beginning there was light.  The brightness and intensity was beyond measure.  It was the Ayn Sof, the light of G-d.  All was order, all was perfection, all was controlled.  In its wisdom the Ayn Sof knew that it was complete, but there was something missing.  Its knowledge was complete, yet there was a gap of understanding.  It decided to create its missing part.  It decided to understand its missing self.  It decided to explore separation.

Within its infinite light the Ayn Sof created something new.  It created Tsim TsumTsim Tsum was the light of darkness.  It was a lamp of dark light so intense that it could mask a small portion of the infinite light with this new darkness.  The infinite light was still there, but it was no longer of intensity beyond measure.  

It was still too bright.  The intensity of the light was still as billions of suns concentrated together.  So the Ayn Sof made a different level of existence.  This existence would only allow the barest of pinpoints of the light that the Tsim Tsum had filtered to enter it.  In this first "world", the light was so reduced, that the Ayn Sof managed to see small bits of separation for the first time.  This world is the place mystics would later call 'Heaven', or 'Nirvana' or 'The Grove.'  In this place, there was separation, and yet each part was still united with the Divine Light.  It was still not enough for the Ayn Sof. It was still too bright.

Once again the Ayn Sof created a level of existence apart from itself.  This level once again allowed in only the smallest portion of the light of the level above it.  This was the second world.  This world is still close to the great unity, but it is separated enough to have distinct parts that fit together into the whole.  This would later be called the land of Angels or Spirits.  This is the world of understanding.  It is the world where each part knows exactly where it fits into each other.

Again, the Divine Light created a level of existence.  This third world split the light of the second level into thirds.  The separation began to show depth and character.  For the first time, there were distinct differences in the light of divinity.  Not all parts were visible, and not all of them would fit together flawlessly.  The Ayn Sof was separated into multiple aspects.  In this world it the many aspects together were called the 'Ael-oh heem', a plurality of divine aspects.  In this world, it was 'they'.  This is the world of truth.  It is the world that stands between everything being one, and one being everything.

From the third world, the Ael-oh-heem created a final fourth world.  This world was barren and without form.  The Ael-oh-heem said "Let there be light" and it split the light of truth into thirds and sent it into the new existence.  As the light filled the new reality, it made many things.  It made life, it made knowledge, it made hope, it made understanding, and it made a clear separation form all other realities.  The Ael-oh-heem was not yet happy.  The light, although spilt from itself, was still just as the light of the other worlds.  Energy and spirit was much the same on all levels of existence.  This world was to be the final world, but there was not enough separation.  All aspects of Ayn Sof and Ael-oh-heem wanted more separation.  Since this world was to be the last, the only way to further separate the light was to make all the aspects of this reality unaware of the other aspects.  Each part of the divine light that had been reduced, separated, and moved through the worlds was given only limited perceptions.  This “bubble of knowledge” would be the reality of each individual of the world.  This perception created a 'firmament' and a set of rules that each part would live by since it could not understand anything that was outside its perceptions.  Each aspect was created by defining its perceptions.  Each set of rules was made based on the perceived needs of each part of the world.  This is the world of creation.

Here we begin this new interpretation of the torah based on the above understandings, modern perceptions, and a mild understanding of Hebrew translation.  Bold words are Hebrew words phonetically spelled in English, their basic meanings in brackets beside them:


In the beginning, 

Ael-oh-heem {G-d }created Ha-sha-may-im {the Heavens or "resting place"} and ha-oretz {the Earth, world, etc.}. And ha-oretz was without form and substance. The face of Ael-oh-heem brought "Ayn Sof" {Divine Light} to ha-oretz as it pierced the liquid barrier of the world.  Ael-oh-heem saw that the Ayn Sof was now well separated with both light and the darkness.  Ael-oh-heem spoke and called the light "Yohm" {day or time separated by days} and called the darkness "Lyloht" {night or timelessness}[Here we see that the spoken word does not actually create the light, it creates the "world" or level of existence.  The divine light itself exists before the universe.]

 It was the evening of the day of the "Ahchad" {one or first: also unity and completeness}[The day of the one speaks not only of the first day, but of the day where there was not yet separation, and therefore all was united as the one.]

  Ael-oh-heem spoke to create the "Rahkeyah" {expanse or Heaven and Earth together in spherical form} which filled in and separated the liquid barriers of the world.  And Ael oh heem made a barrier of liquid lyloht between the Heavens and the Earth.  Ael-Oh-heem called the sphere above the expanse of lyloht {night or timelessness}"the Heavens."  It was then the evening before the day of the "Shay-nee" {two, also duality and equal separation).

Ael-oh-heem spoke to collect the waters beneath the Lyloht to a place of Ahchad.  In this place of all water Ael-oh-heem made to appear dry land.  It was the only dry land and it was all of the dry land [At this point we see the 4 elements have been formed first.  Fire was introduced in the form of light.  Air was introduced in the form of Rahkeyah, separating the borders of the world.  Water was introduced and collected, and finally land placed amid the water.]

.  The land was called Ha-aeretz{The Earth, the land, territory} and the waters called Yamayem {seas, waters}. Ael-oh-heem let sprout the herbs and tender vegitation. Herbs grew seed, and trees grew fruit with seeds of its kind within.  It was the evening of the morning of the day of "shaleeshi" {third, triangle}.[The word Meorote in torah is written in such a way that is could be one of 2 words.  one meaning piercing, and aptly describes stars in the sky from an earth bound view; and the other word is "luminaries" or lights.  The second definition is the more generally accepted, although it may not be any more accurate ]

Ael-oh-heem created "Meorote"{Luminaries, and/or piercings}[

 in the Lylot.  These Meorot would divide the day and night, and provide signs for the seasons and years.  Of the Meorote; two (2) were made great, the largest brightest to rule the day, and a smaller but still bright to rule the night.   The rest of the Meorote were placed in positions to shine on Earth only at night.  They would provide a relief from the timelessness of the lyloht and be indicators of season changes.  And it was the evening of the morning of the "Rebeyee" {fourth or coupling}day.

And Ael-oh-heem spoke to make the waters swarm with "Sharatz" {swarms, or reptiles}.  Into these Sharatz, the Ael-oh-Heem placed "Nefesh" {soul, spirit, or rest}and "Chaya" {life or vitality, soul, animal}.  Ael-oh-heem then created the "Aohf" {bird, fowl, or flying} and let them fly on the Earth and "Pnay" {heavens, Leisure time, design or inclination}.[n the creation of "souls" and the concept of "heaven" the words "rest and leisure" are part of the definition..  This follows the belief that  unity wants separation, and separation wants unity.  Souls in this world are separate , but yearn to be part of the greater unity.  The closer you get to the higher worlds, the more you feel at rest. The pure spirit of Ayn Sof is the concept of spirit at rest.  The separation is the concept of spiritual work.  This concept explains the importance of the Sabbath "Day of Rest" and prayer.  In literal terms, it is the day to let your soul join with the spirit of Ayn Sof, heaven and unity, thus rejuvenating it.]

  Ael-oh-heem then created the large "Tahneeneem" {serpents or sea monsters}. And the Sharatz with Nefesh Chaya {Souls of life} were allowed to "Rohmesett" {reptile; creep or crawl; serenade} or emerge from the waters and be with their kind.  The Aohf were allowed to "Kahnahf" {hide oneself, separate in small groups,or wing} and be with their kind.  Ael-oh-heem blessed them and the word "Pree Oorvoo" {fruit or seed and expand}.  He blessed them to fill the seas and the world.  And it was the evening of the morning of the "Meesee" {fifth or quintessential}day.

The word of Ael-oh-heem let living souls "be with their kind."  The "Tohtsa" {bring forth, result} produced cattle, creepers, and beasts of the Earth. And Ael-oh-heem spoke the names of the cattle, and creepers, and beasts of the Earth and they were complete. And Ael-oh-heem said let us make "Ahdahm" {man, mankind}."Batseelmaynoo" {with our image ,idol or likeness} and let them be "Weeradoo" (conqueror, or suppresser) of the fishes of the sea, and of the birds of the heavens[The passage does not state Ahdahm would 'conquer or suppress' the Heavens.  It specifically states birds of the heavens.  This word for 'heavens' used in this case however implies that Ahdahm is to conquer the 'liquid barriers' between the worlds.  This means that rather than conquering "The Heavens", Ahdahm is meant to conquer the path to "The Heavens".  A subtle but important difference.]

, and of the beasts of the land, and of all the Earth. And Ael-oh-heem created the Ahdahm in their image.  And Ahdahm was created both male and female [According to Jewish Lore, Ahdahm was born with both genders, and did not look like man looks now.  This dual gender being was later separated to be separate single gender individuals as we are now. ]

.  And Ael-oh-heem said to Ahdahm, "Pree Oorvoo" and fill the Earth and "keevsaw" {subdue, or preserve}[Although this passage is generally considered to give man "dominion" over the Earth and all its contents.  In truth it actually gives man responsibility to preserve the world and keep it healthy.]

 it. Ael-oh-heem said to Ahdahm Weeradoo the fishes of the sea, and of the birds of the heavens , and of the beasts of the land.  Ael-oh-heem said every herb and every seed and every tree with seeds and fruit shall be for your food. For all that exists on Earth, and all the birds of the heavens, and every creeper which has a Nefesh Chaya will have the greens and herbs for food. And it was the evening of the morning of the day of "Sheeshey" {sixth, or joy}

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