Is it Real Kabballah?

Is It Real Kabballah?
By Steve Stone

{I was asked by someone to look over a Kabballah site and tell them if it is real Kabballah.  Here was my answer.}

I looked over the page you discussed. (at least the first 5 or 6 topics.)  It is Kabbalah, but not the Kabballah as I teach or understand it.

Firstly, The author states that he is trying to teach the true Kabballah, and get rid of the misconceptions that are being taught out there.  He states his is the one and only true way.  Can't agree with that.  To me, Kabballah is about perceptions and understanding of the nature of reality.  If you have to limit your thinking and totally discount all other ways, you are not only hiding from knowledge, but you are putting one info source before all others as more correct.

In my understanding, we all already know the Kabballah; but we just have to find it again.  We learned it before birth; and practice it in in our sleeping mind.  Because we all know it, many people decide that they have all the answers once they have discovered what works for them.  Unfortunately, what works for them will not necessarily work for anyone else.  Each person has a life based on their perceptions and experience.  That limited existence gives them only a small window to truth.  If everyone had the same window, experiences, memory, etc. then everyone would be able to do Kabballah the same way.  Such is not the case.  I come from an American Jewish background with very specific cultural customs.  My Kabballah is based on that and other parts of my perception.  Aliester Crowley was from England and a Pagan perspective. He and I disagree on many aspects of Kabballah.  Each person will have different aspects that work for them.  Its like everyone is looking at the same painting through glasses that are distorted.  each person will see something different, even though the painting is the same.  As a matter of fact, the only true way to learn Kabballah is to see what everyone is saying, and forget 90% of it.  Try to disprove everything everyone tells you.  If you cannot disprove it, then it is probably one of the aspects of Kabballah that will work for you.

Just remember, religion is a rationalization of an ideal.  If anyone approaches you with the one and only way, then they have missed the point of belief and gone on a search for power and dogma.  NO ONE ALIVE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS.

Of course, all this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.  research it for yourself

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