Magick in Religion

Magick in Religion
By Steve Stone  

Quite a few churches have made the word “magic” a taboo word in their worship. Fear of some unholy or evil force has made many people shut out the very idea that magic can be a beautiful thing.  Many religions have made the word magic synonymous with witchcraft and devil worship.  In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.  

Many of the precepts and ideals of religion are based on magicks of some kind.  Look at the stories of The Bible.  Each and every story of merit in religion has some sort of magicks in it.  Whether it is the creation of the universe, or turning water to wine, religion itself is based on the idea that magick happens in many holy and important ways.

Probably the most well known biblical example of magicks in religion is the story of The Exodus.  In the story, Moses witnessed the power of his lord in a magickal burning bush.  He then went before Pharaoh and using magicks showed the power of his lord.  If that were done today, he would likely be condemned as a Satanist or a charlatan.

In more modern times, there is a new knowledge and belief when it comes to magick and religion.  People are looking at magick as a more personal experience.  Now we have people that feel that magick is all from the great source, and there is no sin involved in working with what the lord has made.

It has been proven that meditation is helpful to the mental and physical well being of both individuals and groups.  It has also been proven that prayer does make a difference.  Whether the magicks are from the mind of someone who believes, or from the creator, magick does truly make a difference.  In short, every part of religion embraces the concept of magick.  In truth, the main differences in religious beliefs are how they view the magicks of the creator.

It is all semantics.  It is all different views of the same picture.  That is probably why the Torah and later , the Bible, very specifically said in both Exodus and Leviticus that you should allow strangers in your land to have and practice their own beliefs.  It is not trying to tell you to follow other people’s beliefs, just respect them.

Until we can all once again allow ourselves to believe in the magicks inherent in this world, we cannot understand the truth in our selves and our religions.

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