Money & Faith


Money and Faith (2002)

By Steve Stone

The Church of the Earth specifically addresses the issue of money and faith in its bylaws.  No one will be denied use of church facilities or guidance or worship because of money.  There will be no cost for membership in the church.  The only way the church will gain funds is by having a donation box on site and making sure people know it is there or having fund raising events.  No individuals will be pressured or guilted into donating.

That having been said, a general statement must also be said at this time.  The church is in trouble.  We are broke.  While other churches have tithes and collections and fund raisers, we do not.  Most churches have an average yearly income in the 5 digit figures.  Ours is only a couple of hundred per year.  The majority of that is put in by just a few members.  

We have nearly 200 people on the standard mailing list.  There are around 100 people on our email list.  If our faith is important to us, we should be willing to donate something.  What the church gets now is a joke.  Pay attention or lose your church.  

Our sanctuary location is donated by a member, When we announce that we need help maintaining it, no one shows up to help.  If you are not able to donate any money; help out with organizing events or running rituals or maintaining the gardens. (writing articles for the newsletter would also help) 

The Church of the Earth is all about freedom of religion and individual beliefs.  With modern mindsets and prejudices once again rising, only organizations like COTE keep us safe from losing those basic freedoms.  If it keeps getting ignored and disappears, your freedoms are next.

Yes, that is preaching by threat, but apparently nothing else is working.

“To be really mature, we must understand that ideals cannot be created and fostered cheaply.  Values cannot be built on words alone. They require the support of energy and money…. It is a test of our conviction to be able to ask for money and to give money for what we deeply believe.” 

Bernard Raskas- from the book The heart of Wisdom, 1962 Burning Bush Press.

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