Prison Ministry


Prison Ministry

By Steve Stone

When I first entered a prison as a minister, I had to wonder what kind of lunacy made a claustrophobic scared little man enter a small locked area with dangerous criminals.  When I saw the looks on the prisoners faces as I walked in, I felt like an outsider in a small town.  

But the look on the face of the person I had come to see made it all worthwhile.  Here was a man who had been locked away with no hope of contact with other Wiccans, no hope of worshipping like he wished, and no hope of being able to talk to anyone at all about religion.

It is never about the prison, the minister, or the effort.  It’s all about keeping Wicca available for those who need it and want it.  Most of us know what it is like to worship differently than everyone else, imagine how hard it is to be locked up in an environment that openly hostile to your beliefs.  

I did prison ministry for about 5 years.  The people I met were always glad to meet with me and do  a form of rituals for the sabbats.  It was  an amazing thing to see hope in the eyes of someone who has no hope due to their surroundings


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