Mabon: A Turning Point

            The day of Autumn Equinox - the day on which we celebrate the Wiccan Sabbat of Mabon - is a time to recognize the waning of the light, and the growing dark. This day marks a turning point in the wheel of the year. Our active summer lives will slow down as the cold winter approaches and our focus is shifted to the home and hearth. The fire of the sun has been warming the world around us in the summer time, but that will change in the coming months, and we will all have to rely on the fire within our selves to keep us going. 

  On Mabon the hours of light and dark are in balance.  At this time, each of us begins to look into our own lives and recognize those things that are unbalanced.  Are you spending too much time at work, and not enough time at home with your family?  Are you constantly starting new projects, and not finishing the old ones?  Have your thoughts been too negative?  These are the kinds of questions that we should be asking ourselves. Mabon is a time to bring balance back into our lives. How can we do this? As people who walk the path of the Neo-pagan, we do magic and ask Spirit to grant us things in our life. How often do we ask for something from Spirit? Most people would say, pretty often. How often to we give something back to Spirit? I know how I would answer that question: Not often enough! 

  This Mabon, I challenge all the members of Church of the Earth, and all people to give back to Spirit, in any way you see fit. Volunteer for organizations that support causes that you believe to be important. Help someone less fortunate than you are by donating food, clothing, and your time. Help campaign for your favorite candidate in the upcoming elections. Volunteer your time to a local environmental group. Open your hearts and minds to ideas for ways that you can give thanks to Spirit for what you have received this year by giving back to the world and your community on its behalf. 

  This year’s Mabon ritual will not include any magic that asks for Spirit for something. This ritual will be one of thanksgiving, and opening ourselves to Spirit so that we can readily learn from it, and hear it speak to us. We will be celebrating this holy day, by giving thanks to Spirit, and connecting with the divine energies so that they may continue to guide us in the winter months to come.

  On this day of balance, this turning point, we give thanks…for the bounty of the harvest provided by Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. We also open our bodies to Spirit, so that its warmth and protection will see us through the winter and we open our hearts to Spirit so that we may learn the lessons it has in store for us. Join us for this year’s Mabon Ritual on Sunday, September 26 at 3:00pm at Gaia’s Gardens in downtown Raleigh.



Mabon Outline:

1- Set tables in 4 directions

2- make lists for foods per each table

a: east supply oranges or bananas

b: south supply apples or hot peppers

c: west supply melon or grapes

d: north supply potatoes, carrots or lettuce

3- smudge circle after people have entered.  As each direction smudges, talk about the directions and how they have given us this bountiful harvest.

4- call corners

a: cleanse with air, feather

-Air breathes life into the fields…

-winds blow fertility from plant to plant

b: cleanse with fire, incense 

-Fire brings warmth into the plants

-fire gives the plants its nutrition and energy

c: cleanse with water, water drops

-Water sustains the plants

-water cools the plants and fills them

d: cleanse with earth, talc

Earth holds the plants in safety

earth nourishes the plants 

5- Joining with the elements - Give each person a small plate.  On their plate, they will make a small directional altar.  Their altar will have a piece of each direction on it in its proper place.  Each person will then join with the elements by eating the piece of food.

6- Elements Chant

7- discuss light and darkness and the growing power of the dark.

a: Physical light and dark and the equinox

b: Emotional light and dark and the seasons

8- Ask about other’s beliefs

8- Guided Meditation – Balancing the light

6- Thank and release the elements


I want you all to close your eyes.  Picture yourself in your favorite place.  It is the middle of summer.  The days are long.  The sun rises before 5am, and does not set until well after 9pm. You have a day to yourself and you are just enjoying it.  Think of the warmth of the day.  A gentle breeze cools you as you relax and take in your surroundings.  The summer day has made plants flourish and the nature of the world is vibrant with life.  This is the time of the light.  It is the time of self.  This is the time when you and all creatures of nature are recharged and strong. You will have to come back here again and enjoy this place.  

Now I want you to picture yourself in the same place.  It is a cool winter’s night, but you are warm and comfortable. The days are short.  It does not get light until after 7am, and sets around 4pm.  There is someone else with you.  It is your closest friend.  The conversation has lulled and you are both quietly thinking.  The winter night has made nature quietly embrace the earth.  This is the time of the dark.  It is the time of sharing.  This is the time that you and all creatures of nature are dependant on each other for strength of mind and spirit.  

Now I want you to think about the days of balance.  There is a balance of light and dark.  Self sufficiency and community spirit are in balance.  You are neither feeling lonely, nor crowded.  The temperature is neither really cold nor really hot.  It is the time of transition.  It is the time of balance.  It is now.

I want each of you to open your eyes and remember.  From balance comes direction.  From imbalance comes strength. Use these times of balance to set your direction.  Prepare for the times your passions flare, or your balance is lost. In that way, when you need it, you can focus your extra strength to help put yourself back on track.

© Virtual Reflections 2016