Survival of the Fittest Versus And it Harm None

Survival of the fittest versus and it harm none

By Steve Stone

Is it right that over 2000 die so that one may live?  My first instinct would be no.  I was brought up to think that all individuals are equal and all life is sacred.  

In nature that is not the case.  For a bird of prey like a red tail hawk or a great horned owl to survive a year, it must eat nearly 2200 mice.  A bat can eat over 300 insects in a single night.  The quantity of prey eaten by predators is just amazing.

Even man eats several hundred times his body weight in food each year, most of it animal.  So where is the “harm none” in nature?  Where is it in our lives?

Just like all parts of religion, this aspect requires balance.  We harm to survive. The survival instinct is one of the main driving forces in our life.  If we are to follow our true nature, we must follow our instinct.  

But what of those that take themselves    

out of the food chain? What about true vegans and  vegetarians?  They reduce the amount of resources they need to survive.  The put their morality above their instinct and use reason to decide what they will eat.

It is an honorable thing to do, but is it right?  The universe put all things in existence for a reason.  If there is a plan for all things, are we disrupting that plan by thinking our judgement is greater than the universe?

All aspects of religion require both reason and faith.  What is the right balance is up to each individual to decide.  Think about it, and feel about it.  Find your own balance. 

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