Team Prejudice


Team prejudice

By Steve Stone

I always wonder what makes someone get excited that a team they arbitrarily choose to ‘like’ does well.  I am always appalled when I see what damage these same people do when their favorite team losses.  

During my time in college, I saw the result of team sports.  I saw hatred, vandalism, violence, and other types of prejudice.  It was appalling.

Most people hear of the team prejudice and decide that it is just a few radical morons. It is not.  Team prejudice showcases the opinions and ideals of the public at large.  It is a symptom of people’s attitude towards others.  No one is willing to admit that other people have as much right to an opinion as they do.  If they believe it, it must be true.  Everyone that believes differently is a fool or an enemy.

There are many laws to try to stop prejudice.  They will never work.  People are prejudiced against anything different. You are, I am.  Like most of you, I hope I can keep my prejudices in check.  It does not always happen.  Eventually, people will start to learn tolerance, and more importantly teach their kids tolerance.  Until then; don’t watch the sports, watch the fans.  They are the indicators.  They show you the prejudice mindset of society.

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