What Would Jesus Really Do?


What would Jesus do?
By Steve Stone

I have seen this phrase all over lately, and it makes me wonder not about the actions of the Christian savior, but about the actions of other people. Lets be realistic here.  The phrase is meant to remind people to love their neighbor and just be nice.  But does it work?  When was the last time you were in the grocery store with a single item and someone let you ahead of them, just so you wouldn’t have to wait for their cartload?  

But that is not really what I wonder about.  The concept that makes me stop and think is different.  I think about what would happen if Jesus, or Mohammad, or Buddha, or any religious leader were to appear in our time.  I wonder what would happen to him / her.

If the holy man could perform miracles, would anyone believe it?  Most people would assume they are tricks.  Magicians would come up with ways to seem to do the same thing, and the holy one would be ignored in favor of charismatic showmen.

That is if he even does perform miracles.  All of the holy men of the past denied their own holiness.  They each made it clear that faith is ore important than proof.  Do we have enough faith to follow someone like that now?  Would you listen to someone that refuses to prove their knowledge or has no formal education?  Would anyone?

Suppose a savior comes to us and even though he / she refuses to prove who and what they are, people join and follow.  In modern society that would be disastrous.  A group that follows the teachings of a modern or contemporary leader is treated as a cult.  Even if he has thousands of followers, he would be considered dangerous by any government in the world.  

So, if Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha, or any other prophet or holy person were to appear in the modern world, he or she would probably ask “what would Jesus do?” and realize, Jesus would hide.

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