Meanings That Have Changed Over The Years

By Steven A. Stone

All the words and definitions in this paper are discussed as points of interest and as historical information to those that were interested.  It is not intended to change your religious view, or to espouse any specific religion over another.  All items are found by independent research and are simply my opinions based on the facts available.  Statements, and conclusions could be wrong if the information gathered is incorrect.  Do your own research to verify these for yourself.

Terms defined below (alphabetically)
A.D., Adultery, Apocolypse, Apocypha, Apple, Armeggeddon, Atonement, Baptism, Christ, Church, Cloud nine, Cremation, Cross your Fingers, Deal with the Devil, Devil, Dream World, Easter, Flags at Half Mast, G-d, G-d Bless you, Golden Rule, Graveyard Shift, Hallelujah, Heathen, Hebrew, Heretic, Hip Hip Horrah!, Hocus Pokus, Honeymoon, Idols, Infidel, Israel, Lord is my Shepherd, Messiah, Occult, Pagan, Paradise, Pray, Rabbits Foot, Religion, Red Sea, Salt, Sapphire, Satan, Shamanism, VIrgin, Wake, Warlock, Wedding rings, Witch, Yule

In "Other notes:"
Gaia, Names of G-d, Creation of Man, Shame, Torah text, Noah’s Ark, The Letter J, Hell fire, Zaroastic Belief. Names of the Devil, Hell in The Bible, Laws of G-d, Torah Text, differnt Hebrew Languages, Nunnery, Torah Code, Old Versus New Testament

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Origins of Religious Concepts Definitions S-Z

Origins of Religious Concepts Other Notes:


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