A Moment of Silence: Political Commentary (10/2001


By Steve Stone

In this unique time I want to remind all of us that we are a group of people dedicated to the principles and tenets of the church. One of the primary tenets is “An it harm none, do what you will.”  That tenet is impossible to keep at its face.  Just the act of feeding ourselves harms something, plant or animal.  If we do not feed ourselves, we harm ourselves.  There is no true way to walk without harm to our environment.  If we can all stop and give the universe a moment of silence while we reflect on how we have each affected it, we may find true differences and a better understanding of the very tenets of our own belief.


By Steve Stone

In the last 10 or so issues of this newsletter I have been harping on people to get involved and exercise their rights as American citizens.  I have advocated voting I have preached for looking behind all the doors for the hidden truths, and I have spoken about freedoms.  In this last 30 days we have lost all of our freedoms.  Everyone has made themselves into the flag waving follow the leader sheep that I have preached against.  People are involved and they are scared.  America lost her freedom on Thursday Sept 13th.  Presidential powers were invoked and the constitution was suspended.  Since then, privacy rights have been suspended, imprisonment rights have been suspended, absolute power has been given to the enforcement community, and people are happy about it. On September 11th, several thousand people were killed.  On September 13th, several million were imprisoned.  The war we are fighting is with fear, and we have not won.

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