Another Moment: Political Commentary (12/2001)

Another Moment: Political Commentary (December 2001)

By Steve Stone

OK, by now anyone that reads this knows I am a die hard troublemaker when it comes to politics.  I have been doing rants for the past year and a half trying to get people to vote and make themselves be heard.  I have complained about political policy of just about everyone in office, and I have done 2-3 page tirades warning about possible losses of freedoms.  In short, I have likely become the Don Quixote of the church.

Like Don Quixote, I do not intend to stop.  I have made it clear that my commentary is my opinion alone, and anyone with a dissenting opinion may freely put it in this newsletter (as long as they are a Church Of The Earth member). 

 I say all of this again because my article today may be extremely unpopular and possibly even offensive to some of the people who read it.  So be ready.

I have kept relatively quiet for the past few months.  It has been extremely difficult.  I saw things happen that can potentially destroy everything I have believed in and worked for my entire life.  Put succinctly; the Church of the Earth and I are about 2 specific things, 1-freedom of religion, and 2-keeping the Earth safe from its most dangerous predator: man.

We are losing people.  No one got off their butt and voted, we got a moronic millionaire that does not care about anything beyond this month’s popularity polls in command, we let him invoke the powers act which SUSPENDS THE CONSTITUTION, and we sit back and watch as freedom after freedom is removed from us.

Case in point- new rules say people can be put in jail for weeks on end without even knowing why they are there.  Non-citizen residents that have been here for years working towards citizenship are suddenly suspects.  These people no longer have the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.  The military can now enter, search, seize, arrest, all with no explanation, all in the name of national security.  

Don’t believe it? Read the news.  One man has been in prison for weeks.  He had the crime of spelling his name almost the same as a known terrorist.  He is/was working towards his green card, has kids born in the US, has NEVER done anything illegal.  The error was found out weeks ago, yet he is still in prison with no release in sight.

Several businesses have been seized because of ‘suspected involvement’ in terrorist activities.  They will not reveal any evidence or names of the accusers.

Now, an American citizen was found fighting for the enemy.  There is talk of using the president’s military tribunal instead of due process with him.  If that happens, the precedent is set, and any American citizen is vulnerable.

We are now in a time where the federal government and the military have absolute power over our lives.  The people in power have whipped up such a frenzy over one of history’s most unfortunate events that they have gotten mob support.  The mob mentality is and has always been the most dangerous thing that democracy faces.  Mobs do not think, they hate.  

We have never been about hate. We have simply wanted a better life.  Fear has made this country into the very group of fanatics that they think we are fighting.  Step aside, look around, get a grip.

Of course this is just my opinion.

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