Cars Of The Future (Political)


Cars Of The Future (Political 2008)

By Steven Stone

In the past few years cars have changed.  People are going for the larger cars and ignoring the environmental impact.  As it is, cars sold this year average lower gas mileage than previous year.  

That is not to say that there are no cars with better gas mileage.  The problem is, people are buying the big gas guzzlers, and ignoring the fuel efficient cars.

Modern advertising has targeted the SUV and the large trucks as their main focus.  They are selling well.  Drive down the road and look at the cars around you.  Most of them are simply one person sitting in a huge vehicle that they don’t ever use for its size.

Very little time is spent focusing on the electric or hybrid vehicles.  As a matter of fact, the federal government has even set a policy against the electric car.  Governmental policy has basically decided to wait until there is an efficient fuel cell vehicle rather than support any and all types of environmental friendly vehicles.  Why?  Maybe it’s the oil company influence, after all Fuel cell vehicles are a minimum of 10 years away.  

What is the car of the future?  I don’t know, lets wait for the ad.

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