The Vampire Hunter's Guide (Part 2 Vampire Abilities)


Although everyone knows most of the powers of a vampire, most people don't really consider them carefully.  Most vampires have superhuman strength, can fly, and can bite people, but there are other powers that are attributed to vampires.  Here are some of the powers, and some simple explanations of them:


mass control of vermin in the area or individual control of larger animals

This power is often used by the vampire to create chaos and fear or to distract protectors of his victims.  Some believe that the fear gives a different taste to the blood of a vampires victim, so the vampire will often terrorize the victim using swarms of insects and vermin.  Other powers and effects are sometimes achieved with this animal control if desired.  A vampire can create darkness by using a layer of bats flying around a small area, making it impossible to see. Waves of rats can be used to make it hard for victims or pursuers to move.  If the rats called are rabid, they will also attack the victims causing pain or rabies.  A vampire can attract insect swarms, making it hard to breathe, attacking crops, and so on.  Wild dogs can also be controlled into attacking and savaging the victims.

There are some animals that are immune to the control of vampires.  These animals include: white wolves, black dogs (domesticated), black crows, and horses.  In Rumania packs of white wolves historically patrol cemeteries searching for vampires to destroy.  Black dogs are trained to hunt and destroy the undead.  Crows are natural enemies of vampires.  Horses are able to find where the undead sleep so they can be destroyed. 


melt into the night, approaching their victims silently

Often this power is accompanied by some sort of environmental control, causing mist in an area or creating a light rain to hide their mist within.  The Vampire can then melt into this mist and seemingly vanish.  Some vampires can only travel as a ball of gas (sulfur gas or other gasses). Becoming a mist has become one of Hollywood's favorite parts of the vampire legend.  Some of the oldest special effects in the movie industry are based on this power.


Destroy crops in an area

A vampire may have a touch of blight, where a physical touch of his hand will wilt plants.  This power is based on the devil's legendary curse.  It is said that the devil cannot hold any fresh or living thing without it wilting or dying.  It Is interesting to note here that the name "Dracul" means devil in Rumanian, and "Dracula" means Son of the devil.  Other methods of causing crop failure can easily be explained by the vampire's animal control.  The Vampire may call locusts (or some other insect) to damage crops.  Often a vampire will use this power just to torment the humans in his area of influence.


Makes victim sterile

This attack is a magical effect of the presence of a vampire.  It can be described as intentional, or just a side effect of the presence of the creature. If it is intentional, it is often one of the mental abilities shown by a powerful vampire.  The only time people find out about it is the high divorce rate or the low birth rate of an area.


Bring sickness to an area or community.

The vampires will often call a wave of rabid rats or a swarm of plagued fleas to create a deadly or weakening plague.  Since terror is one of the goals of the vampire, strange and inexplicable sicknesses are often a way for him to create mass terror.  He may also have a wilting touch as mentioned earlier that effects humans as well as plants.  

Some legends say that vampires can cure diseases as easily as they cause them.  This legend is particular mostly to India, but some of the 'good' vampires in Rome and Russia may have this power as well.  One possible explanation of this power is the Kaballist belief of the vampire's soul being free to alter reality with just a thought


shrink & grow from about 4 inches tall to about 4 meters.

This power is used by some vampires to get in and out of their graves and to block and trap their victims.  Vampires that use this powers will have small holes near their graves that they crawl in and out of.  They shrink to a small size and climb out of their grave through the holes in the ground.  Vampires that grow will expand themselves to fill a doorway and block the escape of a victim as they hunt for blood.


scampering like a lizard

This power is used to climb buildings and scale walls to get to victims.  In some legends, vampires cannot fly, so they climb when they want something (or someone) that is high up.  Bram Stoker described the use of this power on page 41 of "Dracula" "I saw the fingers and toes grasp the corners of the stones, worn clear of the mortar by the stress of years, and by thus using every projection and inequality move downwards with considerable speed, just like a lizard moves along a wall"


via a bite, or via feeding victim their own blood

This power is sometimes described as a number of different bites on a victim on different nights.  Some descriptions say that the victim must die from the bite for a new vampire to be created.  Other descriptions of this power define it as the vampire feeding the victim it's own blood and waiting for the transformation.  


ringing the bells of a church, killing all people that hear the bells toll.

Certain Vampires (mostly in the northern Asia area) have the ability to enter the towers of a church and ring the bells.  It is said that anyone hearing the bells ring or seeing the creature in the tower will drop instantly dead.


flying through the heavens and eating the sun, causing a darkness or eclipse.

Some of the most powerful vampires are able to 'eat' the light of the sun, moon and stars.  They fly into the sky and 'eat the sun ' causing an eclipse or blackness for their own evil purposes.  These vampires are not harmed by exposure to sunlight.


kill with just a stare

Some Vampires have the ability to stare at someone and stop the victim's heart forever.  This is done with the evil eye.  Vampires with this power will have one eye open in their coffin after death.


Mind control, used to control the victim

Depending on the victim, this power can often make the victim do whatever the vampire wants him to and even forget things he has seen.  A more detailed description of the same power is listed as mind control.


invisibility to sneak up on the victim or escape a mob

Some types of vampires are always invisible, others can turn invisible at will.  Some describe the invisibility as being well blended into the area like a chameleon.  Other legends define the ability to turn invisible as being only an appearance caused by other powers such as transforming into a mist or a small creature.  Like the mist transformation, this power may also be an illusion caused by hypnosis or mind control.


The ability to control a victims thoughts and memories

Vampires are able to hypnotize their victims .  After they bite the victim, the victim becomes more and more susceptible to his spell.  If the vampire dies before the victim is totally transformed then the victim will heal and become normal again.  "if {a vampire} die in truth, then all cease; the tiny wounds of the throats disappear, and they go back to their plays unknowing  ever of what has been."  (Van Helsing in Dracula pg. 239)  When the victim dies (totally transformed) he or she will die true death when the master vampire is killed .

As stated earlier, vampires can also control the vermin of the earth.  This means rats, bats, insects, moles, and other vermin are at the command of the vampires.  This control is used to make many effective powers for the Vampire.  Powers such as Darkness, ranged attacks, spreading disease, and blighting crops can be done with these animals.  Other uses of these animals include enhanced senses, by seeing through the animal's eyes or hearing the things said near an animal the vampire has spies everywhere.  Large numbers of animals can slow down or trip up even the most coordinated pursuer, and flying creatures filling the air make seeing very difficult.   Living walls of creatures can act as an armor of sorts around the vampire (not that he really needs it), but there are many uses for controlled animals.  Romanian legends say that wolves, wild hounds and some spirits (ghosts) are also under the control of the undead in the dark of night. 


Drain their victims by removing mental energy , not removing blood

Some vampires do not drink physical blood, rather they steal the actual essence of life from their victims.  This power is used by only some of the vampire types that are listed below.   This ability often works hand in hand with sympathetic magic.  This power may also be defined as the vampire draining the soul of it's victim.  Revenants and shambling undead can not use this power.


Get weapons and tools and other items from images.

Some vampires can reach their hands into paintings and photographs and 'pull out' items for their use.  This is often used when fighting a strong opponent and wanting to frighten a victim.  When the vampire forgets about the item it disappears.  This power is very rarely discussed in legends and may simply be an illusion created by hypnosis.


produce offspring with surviving victims

Some legends say that the children of vampires are born with no bones at all.  Other legends say that the children are born with an exoskeleton like an insect.  A third legend says that the children are normal looking individuals.  They are called 'Dhampir', and are able to track and kill vampires, even see them when they are invisible.


without touching the body

This power is often described as a stare of the vampire causing the organ to burst forth from the body.  Other definitions say there are no marks on the body, but an organ is missing.  The organ is often stored for a while, appearing as a normal everyday object.  After the vampire has a large collection, it will start to feast on the organs that are magically restored to freshness.


Killing relatives by eating it's own flesh

Some vampires are able to inflict pain and cause death to their relatives by damaging their own body and magically transferring the pain and damage to the victim.


communicating directly from mind to mind

Many legends of the vampire link this power to it's bite.  It is said that the bite of a vampire joins the mind of the victim to the vampire.  In the book "Dracula", Van Helsing used the telepathic link between Dracula and his victim Mina Harker to track the vampire.  In this way he was able to destroy Dracula. 


become a wolf, bat, rat, black bird, large hound, or other animal . . .

This ability allows the vampire to move around unmolested in a crowd, and gives the creatures speed and maneuverability to stalk their victims.  Many legends define a specific creature a vampire may become.


produce storms, mist, or wind

It is said that a violent storm will always herald the arrival of a vampire.  Whether this is another side effect of their presence or an intentional event is not really defined.  This storm often has little or no rain, but produces high winds and heavy damage.  

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