The Vampire Hunter's Guide (Part 4 Vampire Types R-Z) 

"Rakshas, Raksasa",

"India","5 feet tall creatures have hair matted with  blood, fiery eyes, long tongues, and  sharp shiny metal teeth.  These creatures can also change form at will.  They commonly appear as a dog, owl, vulture, or a beautiful woman",,"travelers in wooded areas","blood and human brains","these creatures are a type of demon that are common in the wilds of India"

"Recreational Vampire",

"Anywhere","Normal human appearance.  Often dressing in dark or stark clothing","normal human weaknesses","willing donors","normal foods, blood","this vampire is a normal person that drinks blood for erotic pleasure or emotional sustanance only.  While not an 'undead creature' that attacks the unwilling, these people do drink blood, and are therefore a kind of vampire"

"Revenant, Zombies, ",

"Greece, Italy, America","rotting and reanimated corpses","fire, magic","any living thing, usually only those that it desrved revenge against in life","in some legends, flesh, in others, revenants do not eat.","People that would not stay dead. revanants were never considered evil until the church decided those that did not stay dead must be evil.  Since that time they have been considered vampires, and are supposed to attack any living thing they encounter."

The Rumanian vampire is much like the classic vampire, except he is obsessed with his old family.  He will first attack and kill his spouse, followed by each member of his own family and eventually his whole family line.  It is rare that these vampires are successful as their pattern is so predictable, but they make for interesting mysteries and complex inheritances.  

"Sari Kedi, 'Yellow Cat'",

"gypsy camps","this vampire in human form is a young looking vampire maiden with dark black hair and grey eyes.  She transforms into a large yellowish cat with cold gray eyes.
",,"young men ","blood","unknown"


"Crete and Rhodes",,,"blood and flesh",,


"Silesia","this undead creature is most often seen when it climbs church steeples and calls out it's victims name.",,"any whose names it calls out","souls",

"Stregoni Benefici, Kresnik",

"Italy, Slovinia, Istria, Russia",,,"evil men","blood, food","these beings were known to oppose the evil ""Kudlak"" and other evil undead.  They were undead who came back in the cause of good."

"Striges, Stryges, Striga or Strix",

"Greece, Italy","a witch that becomes a crow (or an owl) to drink blood ","a living witch with all the weaknesses of a normal human.","mostly children, but any victim.","blood and organs (liver and bowels mostly)","a witch that has bargained for power, is able to become a crow and drinks human blood."

"Strigoii, Strigoi, Strigoiu",

"Romania, Wallachia","animated corpse with it's left eye open and staring, it will have blue eyes, red hair and 2 hearts.  Can sometimes be seen as a large night bird that sucks blood and eats flesh.  Often live within ruins and old buildings.","a sickle through the heart, 9 spindles stuck in the ground over it's coffin, wine.  For The more stout of heart, remove the hearts, cut the organs in half, drive nails into the forehead, put quicklime or garlic in the mouth, smear it with the animal fat of a pig killed on St.Ignatious day, pour holy water over the shroud, ","any","blood","suicide, being a criminal in life,witchcraft, a cat jumping over the corpse, being a seventh son, dying with unrequited love, or being stared at by a vampire while you are still in the womb."

"Sundal Bolong",

"Java (Island in Indian Ocean)","Vampiric female, appears to victims as beautiful woman dressed in white.",,"young men","blood","These creatures are the undead women that committed suicide after being raped and becoming pregnant."


"Melanesian","this disembodied soul floats about stealing the last bits of strength from dying or just dead people.",,"the dead and dying","strength / life force, and occasionally the heart of a sleeping person.",


"Indonesia","a huge head dangling it's bowels that flys around by flapping it's ears",,"any human","blood","this creature is an Indonesian sorceress that that transforms to prey on humans."


"Japan","dark half crow half man creature with a long beaklike nose and sharp taloned claws.",,"blood, flesh","any human or animal","These demons are the nightmare creature of the Japanese, later inspiring legends of the ninja."


"all over the world","these creatures are a type of arachnid.  They are covered with a strong exoskeleton. They are normally small (about 1/8 inch) around and flat (about 1/16 inch).  When they gorge themselves on blood they swell like a balloon and resemble a large oval pea (about 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch) with tiny feet","when they are drinking blood they burrow into the skin of the victim and are easily caught.  ","any warm blooded animal","blood","although the origin is unknown, ticks are responsible for many diseases that plague the urban areas of the world (for example, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever).  "


"Mexico","can appear as a witch, as a ball of flames, or as a turkey",,"humans","blood","these witches are similar to loogaroos, they made a pact with evil and gained the abilities and thirsts of a vampire."

"Upir, Upor, Upyr,Upior, Upier ,Upiersca,",

"Russia, Northern Asia, Poland","These beings have harelips, Barbed or pointed tongues , teeth like iron, and are often covered in blood.  Sometimes they sleep in blood.  ","Baking flour & blood & eating it in the form of bread makes you immune to these creatures.  Some say a stake through the heart delivered by one blow (not two) will destroy it, others say it must be struck more than once.  preventing them is done by burying face down with a cross of willow under it. staking or decapitation destroys them.  ","Anyone encountered between noon & midnight..  Anyone whose name it says as it rings a bell late at night will die within a short time.","Blood, sometimes the heart, fish","varys from region to region, but returning recently dead is the most common origin.  They were usually born with a full set of teeth."


"Bulgaria","an undead spirit of an infant.","fire, wolves","cattle","blood","a Christian child born on a Saturday, but died before he could be baptised.  9 days after burial he will rise as an Ustrel."


"Babalon","spirit form of a recently dead person.","find out the reason for the Utukku's return and help him finish the task","those who work against his goal",," a spirit that has returned for a specific reason or to complete a specific task.  "

"Vampire Bat",

"Americas","these flying mammals are small and black or dark brown, they have no arms, but they use their wings when they 'walk'. ","  They are roughly the size of mice, so individually they are easily destroyed by man.","any warm blooded animal","blood","These small animals travel in swarms.  They are thought to be the origin of many vampire legends as they drink the blood of their victis by opening a wound with their sharp front teeth and licking out the blood as it flows out of the wound."


"Spain","could be any one.  Often seen accompanied by monstrous spirits.  They are able to animate corpses and change their appearance at will.",,"any living thing","flesh and blood",

"Varcolaci, Priculics",

"Romania","as handsome men or beautiful women with pale faces and dry skin",,"any unwary person, the sun , moon and stars","blood, sunlight, moonlight","may be unbaptised children, people cursed by God, or children of unmarried.  These creatures can eat their way accross the sky, feasting on stars, and eclipsing the sun and moon."

"Vetal, Vetala, Baital, Baitala, Veda, punyaiama",

"India","an old hag, or as a white green or wheat colored demons wearing silver and gold clothes and riding a green horse.  There hands are turned backwards",,"women mostly, often only drunk or insane women","blood","this creature is created as a demon.  These demons live in cemetary stones and reanimate the dead.  They like playing tricks on the living."

"Viesczy, Ohyn, Weiszczy,Stryz",

"Poland, Prussia","vampiric man or woman.  after time this being will become more and more hidious as it eats it's own flesh.","must untie knots in front of it or pick up and count seeds or particles, so throwing a net at the creature will make it stop to untie all the knots, and throwing seeds or sand on the ground will make the creature stop and pick up each and every seed and count them, one by one. Earth from the path to their former home should be put in the coffin.  They should be buried face down with a cross of willow branches tied under them.","relatives","blood and flesh","children born with teeth, and after they die, the left eye stays open and their face gets a reddish hue."


"Serbia","always male, always above 21, they have 'congested faces and blood colored skin'","cut off their toes and thumbs and put nails in their necks.  Or pierce their navels with hawthorn branches cover them with 'tow' from head to toe and light them on fire from candles used in the death vigil.","any","flesh and blood","Some legends say that these beings have committed either murder, perjury, or incest. Other legends say they were slain by a werewolf or ate of an animal slain by a werewolf (or other lycanthrop). These creatures will become human again after 7 years and repeat the process of life and death."

"Volkodlak, Vrykolakas, Vukodlak",

"Slovinia, Greece, the Aegean, Serbia","a shambling undead thing.",," any ready victim, anyone answering the door when it knocks,","blood, organs (liver)","improper burial, eating the flesh of a sheep killed by a wolf.  Related in mythology to the werewolf, (vampirism is possibly what happens to a werewolf after it is killed)"


Macedonia","they move about from 10pm until sunrise","when birdseed is scattered over their grave they must stop what they are doing and count each seed.  To destroy them, pour boiling oil over their body or stick long nails through their navel and into the coffin below.","any ","blood","These beings while still alive enjoy certain rituals in which of wine is  poured on their face.  After death, they change to a vampire and they substitute blood for the wine they previously used."

The Greek vampire, the VRKAYLAK (spelled for pronunciation, see vrykolakas  in the next section).  This vampire is a revenant, or rotting animated corpse, that lives in the myriad underground pipes and comes up to eat flesh in the darkness of the night.  These creatures are very susceptible to fire and bright lights, but not to classic religious symbolism.  The Haitian ZOMBIES are similar to these creatures, but they are only destroyed by filling their mouth with salt an sewing it shut.

"Vukodlak, Vrukolak",

"Morloccia, Montegna","according to some legends these creatures venture out only during the full moon and can turn into wolves at will.","trap them by cutting tendons, or nailing them through the heart to their coffins, and pearcing them all over.","relatives and friends mostly","blood and flesh","undeads by predestination .  While alive they often profane tombs, a doc or cat may jump on their deathbed, or they may have been murdered by an unseen assassin."


"Muldavia","Either a long flame that becomes a man or a maiden in the woods with no back.  ","A mixture of garlic, celandine and candle wax.  ","Sexual partners","blood, and ""seed"" of life",

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